50-201 Handcuff Pouch Review by Spotter Up

SpotterUp.com has reviewed our lightweight and durable 50-201 Handcuff Pouch


50-201 Handcuff Pouch Review by Spotter Up

KROKO has teamed with SpotterUp.com, one of the leading online publications in the field of tactical equipment, to bring you a review of our 50-201 Handcuff Pouch.

KROKO's R&D team has developed a 50-201 Handcuff pouch, that has a magnetic buckle and laser cut MOLLE. 50-201 is a lightweight and durable pouch that fits both hinged and chain handcuffs. It also features retention buckle for the adjustment.

Here is what Spotter Up says about our product:

The pouches overall small size makes it a great option if you carry cuffs plain clothes or off duty.  In reviewing the handcuff pouch I carried it on my belt and had it on my external plate carrier.  Withdrawing my cuffs, returning them and re-securing them wasn’t any issue once I practiced a couple times.

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