ASDA-Adriatic Sea Defense & Aerospace Exhibition, 4th Edition

Kroko exhibited at ASDA – Adriatic Sea Defense & Aerospace Exhibition being held in Split, April 26-28 2017


ASDA-Adriatic Sea Defense & Aerospace Exhibition, 4th Edition

ASDA 2017 is officially supported by the Croatian Government through the Croatian Ministry of Defense. Being held every two years, ASDA is one of (if not) the biggest exhibitions in Croatia oriented around military, defense and aerospace.

KROKO always tends to have eyecatching visual presentation of the booth together with finding the best solutions for showcasing newest and high quality products. 

This year we presented new video materials, made in March with Special Forces of Croatia. Three days of shooting in the town of Delnice with reimaging some of the most common military scenarios helped us to test some of our newly developed equipment and make a collection of promo materials for 2017.

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