AT Flex

AT Flex

LFT - AT/AT Flex by Teijin Twaron is a ballistic material permitting an effective reduction of the impact depth.

We teamed up with Teijin Company; this is not such big news. They have been supporting us with their ballistic fabric solutions for years now. But we found new application of one of their amazing product, Twaron LFT-AT FLEX®.

LFT-AT FLEX® is a material permitting an effective reduction of the impact depth. Made out of CURV® (by Propex Fabrics), and extraordinary hit-resistant polyproplene woven surface, combined with Twaron CT 707 high-tenacity fabric. This material is light, thin and has suficient flexibility to reduce blunt trauma behind the ballistic pack.

Depending on the bullet and its speed, one or two layers of LFT-AT FLEX® may lessen the trauma signature by 30%-60% even near the edges of the target. One layer is usually packed inside the ballistic package, while the other is placed between the ballistic package and the user's body.

This additional layer is formed around the inner cushioning part of the vest that is placed directly onto user's body, to provide even more blunt force trauma reduction. In addition this outer layer of LFT-AT FLEX® provides structural stability of the vest/plate carrier/combat MOLLE belt used as a tactical vest/belt with no ballistic protection. LFT-ATFLEX is also used in strategic position for other products, such as backpacks, in areas that require extreme abrasion resistance and sturdiness.

Adding only a few hundred grams per square meter, Twaron LFT-ATFLEX® offers optimum combination of weight, volume and performance currently available.