Connecting Puller Tabs

Connecting Puller Tabs

Simple but effective. This is not science fiction obviously, but it is very useful in many critical situations.

If you are using zipper sliders without brake mechanism, and your compartments keep opening, or you hate rattling sound that the pullers on zipper sliders are making, this is a solution for your problems.

Our custom made puller tabs are injection molded cord ends that feature male and female part. Those two parts are connectable when you bring two zipper slides next to each other.

Connected zipper pullers somewhat prevent the compartment from opening accidently, but also eliminates rattling noise that can be heard far away in quiet environments.  

Another great benefit is pocket identification in pitch black. If you connected a certain pocket pullers, you will be able to identify that particular pocket just by hand feel. Also usable on variety of pouches and pockets; multiple colors available, one size fits all.