Custom Camouflage

Custom Camouflage

One thing that separates us from other development companies is a possibility to develop new camouflage patterns

In close collaboration with Textile Faculty in Zagreb, we successfully developed more than a few camo patterns that are in currently in use. Starting with the Croatian Army, in 2002. we developed our first one, Croatian digital desert pattern.

It was quite special, like no other on the market till that day. We have a landscape of Croatia built into the digital camouflage pattern! It was a great morale boost for our troops participating in international peace keeping missions in Afghanistan and other regions. Then we made woodland digital version. Both are still in use today.

We also developed a new Montenegrin Army camouflage, Peruvian Marine Corps camo, Kosovo security force (Army) camo, Albanian Army camo and a few others. Constantly working with color experts to improve remission of colors in the environment and to enhance camouflage properties of camouflage shapes, shades and overall design.

Creating a custom camouflage is a complex procedure that requires time for research, field investigating, many trials and a whole lot of textile printing, but the final outcome makes it all worthwhile. Just ask any of our soldiers that always have his country close to his heart, on his uniform.