Research. Innovate. Develop. Enhance.

This has been our RIDE since 1961, when KROKO was founded and started as a hi-end leather goods producer. Then our troops were called upon to defend our country. Those where the '90s; we developed our first camouflage pattern, started to produce professional military and law enforcement equipment and supplied our men and woman in the field.

Achieving what we have today was a long term process that was asking for a complete technical transformation. During our transformation time we were learning and adopting. We spent thousands of hours researching and testing new materials, trims, accessories and manufacturing techniques, visiting fairs and talking to end-users to make sure we are on the right track, always incorporating new methods and processes that led towards better, more contemporary product that was more appropriate for modern warfare needs.

Many of the designs and ideas we developed never saw the light of day in their original form, but they were the starting point for some of the best things we ever made, solutions that are unique for our company and became our signature series.

In 2006. we decided to separate production & development department from distribution department. In this way we could focus even more on new ideas, while still keeping exclusive distribution rights for many world famous law enforcement and military brands under Kroko International name. Yes, we are a group now. Vertically integrated group that is; we can make our own trims and accessories as well. 

Today, we serve Croatian Armed Forces, Croatian police and the WORLD for over 25 years, manufacturing more than 300 of our own product designs, developing and offering new solutions of apparel, tactical and ballistic equipment, camouflage patterns, backpacks, holsters, belts and other specialized equipment - changing the way the soldier looks and operates.

In 2017. everything gets even better. Our new company identity reflects our evolution path in the past two decades, getting closer to the customer and the actual user of our products and connecting in a whole new level. Changing the way we do business, launching retail sales, hitting the exhibitions strong with brand new booth design. Looking forward to work with you in the near future!

Our products are your advantage in field.