Holster RPSS® Rapid position switch system

Holster RPSS® Rapid position switch system

Often operators or officers require quick and simple switch of holster position due to mission requirements, or either change the complete holster solution on the drop leg platform or hip carrier.

Maybe you need to replace the holster for the one that can fit a handgun with tactical lamp/laser mounted? Whatever is the reason or need to switch it or change it, here is the solution: Holster Rapid Position Switch System.

The system consists of male and female adaptors that can be fitted to any of the Kroko thermoformed Kydex® holsters available or to your existing thermoformed holster. Before you decide to use the system on your existing holster, you need to make sure that your holster holes layout and size fits the RPSS® system.

All parts of the holster system can be fitted with the RPSS®, including the spare magazine pouch. We can mount the adaptors to different kinds of holster hip carrying belt loops, spare magazine hip carrying belt loops, drop leg platforms, MOLLE forks to fit the holster onto the vest…etc. Vest MOLLE forks are orientation adjustable, meaning that you can turn it around 360° to set the holster to desired draw angle.

We used flexible but sturdy granulate while injecting the RPSS® , so that you don’t have to worry about the elasticity of the adaptors, or breaking strength of the RPSS® elements during hot/cold weather.