Tired of the simple mesh-style vest/MOLLE belt/backpacks outer liners? Try S-SKIN!

It truly is your second skin. Moving the way you move, 4-way stretch fabric will not be your burden in any axis; instead it will follow wherever you go recover back to its original form. By adding more or less Spandex fiber into the fabric yarn, we can control the elasticity and therefore the movement and stretch property of the fabric.

Surface treated with durable water repellent finish, S-SKIN absorbs less sweat and moisture than mesh-type outer liners, dries quickier, and is much more comfortable, especially if used for concealment products that are worn directly under clothing.



We are using S-SKIN in our new line of backpacks - for outer lining of the shoulder straps and middle section, spine cushions on the back part, as the outer lining in variety of MOLLE belts, and inside parts of tactical vests and plate carriers.

As for the combat shirt, S-SKIN is used in the elbow area. It helps you move your arm with more freedom and comotion under stiff pads. Significant strength, elasticity and its ability to return to the original shape is the reason why we incorporated S-SKIN into this part of garment.

Nylon or Polyester blends are available, depending on customer request. S-SKIN can be color dyed or printed to custom camouflage pattern.